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Caballero Family and Arraijan Community Center 

Arraijan - Panama


Working for change in the community of Arraijan - Panama Province //

Areas of Influence: Sports Ministry, Church Planting, Discipleship, Leadership Training

Pastor Luis DeLeon 

La Gigi - Veraguas


Full time pastor of mountain congregation in Veraguas Province // 

Areas of Influence:

Discipleship, Church Growth, Infrastructure

Rio local Partners

Casa Providencia

Christian Orphanage for Children with Special Needs //

Areas of Influence: Child Spritual and Physical Development

Staff Spiritual Development

Facility Development   Adoption

Foster Programs 

Espinar - Colon

San Antonio Village - Gamboa

Providing Housing and Discipleship of Indigenous Tribe (Wounan) //

Evangelism in Tribal areas, economic development, 

Church building

Chief Philipe Membache

Local Ministry Associates 


International Associates 


Sample of Completed and Ongoing Projects 

Arraijan Bridge and Community Center 
2014-08-01 (1).jpg

Six Year partnership with the local community to build a community center, bridge, water filtration system, feeding center, preschool etc...//

Manasquan Pres

Messiah College Collaboratory

UTP - Panama 

Surf and Serve

Soccer and Serve

Countless Groups working in line! 

Completed 2020

Arraijan - Panama 

Casa Providencia: Phase 1

4 year support role in the remodeling and building of the first Christian Orphanage for Children with Special Needs in Panama //                Heart's Cry Ministries

Messiah Aroma

Mansquan Pres

Multitude of Teams

Phase 1 Completed 2018

Phase 2 Ongoing

Espinar - Colon

Education Area, Bathrooms, Pastor's Office

Essential expansion of small mountain church for Sunday school area, social area, office, and bathrooms //

Messiah Aroma

Surf and Serve

Fish and Serve 

Manasquan Pres Youth

Goal of 2020 completion

La Gigi - Veraguas 

Bajo Grande Bridges 

4 year partnership with Messiah College Collaboratory students who designed and helped build 2 essential pedestrian bridges with the local church //

Messiah College Collab

District of Mariato

Surf and Serve

Fish and Serve

Mission Point Church

Many other Groups!

Completed 2018

Mountains - Veraguas Province

Home and Discipleship Center - Wounan

2-3 year partnership with village to build out living quarters for people of the tribe who come to the city and discipleship classroom // Various Groups 

Completed 2020

San Antonio - Gamboa

Walkway Access to Ministry Base 

Week long rebuild of crucial access to the Minstry Base of YWAM Ships - Bocas  //

Surf and Serve 

Completed Jan 2017

Bastimentos Island - Bocas del Toro

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