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Casa Paraiso Missions Base

Home of Rio Missions


An extension of Rio Missions, Casa Paraiso is a large group facility that hosts missionary teams serving in Panama. In 2008, Rio Missions purchased an old canal building with the ambition to fully renovate and host Rio missionary teams. The goal was to also welcome other groups serving in the area as a means to connect with the greater missionary community of Panama. Nearly 10 years later, Casa Paraiso hosts between 30 and 40 teams a year working in various areas of Panama. Casa Paraiso's primary purpose is to assist missionaries by providing hospitality and encouragement. In this manner, we partner with each team in spreading the love of God in Panama.

Facilities and Layout

Casa Paraiso is a comfortable and affordable place for lodging with a familial atmosphere that gives a home away from home feel. We have separate group accommodations along with a common recreational area and full kitchen where teams can prepare meals, break bread together, connect, relax or enjoy a game of ping pong. Click on the button below for a detailed description of the rooms and spaces available.


Casa Paraiso is stationed on the banks of the Panama Canal in the district of Ancon. Located right outside the hustle and bustle of Panama City but you will feel a world away. Brilliant toucans cruise by and howler monkeys can be heard greeting the morning. The beautiful Centennial Bridge looms overhead and within in minutes you are on your way to the interior or the other side.  

Pricing and Reservation

Fees are based on a per person rate and reservations must be made in advance. We are a private facility that hosts groups. Sorry, we do not accept walk ins. If your group is interested in making a reservation kindly click the button below.


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